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    HUD is abbreviated form of Head Up Display . When running at a high speed , especially at night, drivers may lower their heads to check the dashboard , creating the possibility of accident in case of emergency or failure to take effective measures .In order to avoid such situation , some high-grade vehicles are equipped with the HUD systems ,which can display some important information ( such as speed ) on the windshield ,which is at the eye level of drivers to avoid the possibility of lowering heads to check the dashboard and shorten the time with automatic brightness adjustment . It can also help avoid over speed at speed-limiting road .What is more important is that it can display some readings without shifting the view to avoid the occurrence of accidents when you lower down your head . A HUD is not only a display system , but also a powerful trouble detector which can detect the vehicle problem and display the error codes . It can eliminate hazards through error information , and detect errors during the warranty period , allowing users to remove them in a timely manner and safeguard car owners interest. This product is a multi-function high-performance HUD developed from OBD II platform , which has beautiful design and is easy to install and use.


Installation and Preparations for Use

1.Go to know your car brand . When you purchase a HUD, you should select a proper model meeting OBDII standards . Find the sticker under the engine cover . If you find OBD II Certified , you can install the product . Check your car to see whether there is a car diagnosis outlet ( available on most of car models manufactured after 2006 in China )

2.Find the 16-pin diagnosis outlet which is normally located under the steering wheel Connect it with OBD II cable


3 . Use the non-slip mat which is stored in the toolkit on a flat and smooth area . You can place the HUD machine on and adjust its position from time to time.

4 . Attach the reflective film to a position right above the HUD machine so that the whole screen can be reflected to the film .

5 . Filming Method

1) Apply some water evenly on the position at which the film will be attached .

2) Peel the protective layer off the film , apply some water on both sides of the film and then attach it to the desired position.

3) After adjusting the position , use scraper or flat object to smoothen the film and remove all water from the film until there is no bubble and water.

4) Dry up the film for several minutes and remove the surrounding water and dust

PS: For some cars , hybrid cars and diesel-powered cars . HVD lamp will remain lit when ACC is powered off. It means that the ACC wiring should be changed. you should separate the wire from the OBD head. After you insert another wire accompanying this product and connect it with the fuse . shut down the uncharged wire if ACC is powered on .

Working Parameters

  1. Dimension : 98mm *57mm*15mm;

  2. Standby Current : <10mA;

  3. Working Temperature : -40℃-85℃;

  4. Working Current : 80ma-110ma;

  5. Working Humidity : 5%-95%;


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