Motorcycle Helmet Headsets

  • HM-568


  • This device allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with the passenger on the back seat, to conduct calls on their mobile phone and listen to the embedded FM radio or their MP3 player. Last but not least, the device offers biker-to-biker intercom communication. This headset works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone. Designed and Engineered for Heavy-Duty Performance. 
    Bike-to-Bike intercom communications among up to three bikers within a range of : 
    UP to 100m --- HM528(device name V1) 
    UP to 500m --- HM568(device name V2) 
    No Intercom ---HM508(device name V0)
  • Full Duplex Communication 
  • The unit works with up to three different Bluetooth devices: 
    * To a Mobile Phone: Handsfree communication TTS function that can speak the number of incoming caller in English 
    * To a GPS unit – Receive audio instructions via headset 
    * To other HM-528 or HM-568 Headsets – Communicate in parallel with up to two other headsets 
  • Additional Entertainment features: 
    *Embedded FM Radio 
    *AVRCP profile integrated, control the audio playback when used with Bluetooth stereo mobile


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